Matthieu DE MARI

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+33 6 70 18 90 50
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Matthieu DE MARI was born in Melun (France). After two years of preparatory classes in France and 3 years of engineering school, he obtained his MSc in Centrale Marseille, France. His engineer formation at Centrale Marseille can be split in two years of broad-based interdisciplinary training, providing him with scientific and general knowledge, and one year of specialization, during which he focused on Engineering of Signals and Images. In the meantime, he also achieved a Research Master's degree with Aix-Marseille University, on "Applied Optics, Photonics, Signal and Image Theory".
From 2009 to 2011, he worked on several radio projects and internships with industries (Safran Group and NEC Technologies), as well as laboratories (Large Networks and Systems Group (LANEAS)).
In 2011, he joins Large Networks and Systems Group (LANEAS) and obtains his PhD on the topic "Radio Resource Management for Green Wireless Networks".

Research Topics: 

Game theory, Control theory, Mean Field Games, Optimization, Cognitive Radio, Green communications

I'm no longer maintaining this page up to date, please refer to my personnal website .