Optimization of Cellular Networks Capacity and Densification An Analytical approach

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


ICWN (2008)


We propose an analytical approach of cellular networks, which
allows to optimize transmitting powers of base stations, and to
maximize network capacity. In our framework, mobiles are
considered as a continuum. Networks are often densified i.e. new
base stations are added because of increasing traffic. Our
approach enables to analyse the extra capacity offered by each
new base station, according to its location. It can be performed
without any simulation whatever the model used for the
propagation. The continuous approach proposed in this paper can
be applied to any frequency reuse 1 networks, such as OFDMA or
CDMA ones. As an example, we calculate the maximum number
of active mobiles per cell in a homogeneous network, considering
different kinds of environments, and we show how to optimize the
densification of a network.