Secure Multimedia Streaming over Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks for Telehealth Systems

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Conference Paper


European Conference on eHealth 2007, Proceedings of the ECEH'07, Oldenburg, Germany, p.205-216 (2007)


In this paper we give a detailed state-of-the-art review for the design and implementation of embedded wireless ad-hoc systems as they are applied for multimedia data transmission. More precisely, this paper focuses on eHealth applications with specific quality of service (QoS) constraints which have to be treated differently compared to other, already standardized systems. Different techniques to secure as
well as enhance the reliability of the transmission will be discussed.

Furthermore, we present the design of an embedded interactive system for distributed multimedia processing for telehealth. In this interactive home care system, speech recognition is used to enable easy user control. Additionally, the system consists of several wireless network cameras to perform full indoor patient surveillance.

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