Bhanukiran Perabathini

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Bhanukiran Perabathini was Born in Eluru, India. He obtained his BSc (Honors) Physics from Chennai Mathematical Institute, India in 2007. Later he obtained a Masters degree in Applied Physics conducted jointly at Institut d'Optique (2008, France) and Technical University of Delft (2009, Netherlands) under a scholarship program called Erasmus Mundus. His areas of interests are Physics, Applied Mathematics, Computation and Algorithms pertaining to Telecommunication and Stochastic Processes. In September 2012 he has started to work towards his PhD on "Wireless Network Energy Efficiency Improvements" conducted jointly by Centrale-Supélec - ALU Bell labs under the guidance of Merouane DEBBAH (Centrale-Supélec) and Marios Kountouris (Centrale-Supélec).



  • B. Perabathini, E. Baştuğ, M. Kountouris, M. Debbah and A. Conte, "Energy Consumption Aspects of Cache-Enabled 5G Wireless Networks", (to be submitted to) IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 2015.


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