Loig Godard

Large Networks and Systems Group (LANEAS), Centrale-Supélec, 3, rue Joliot Curie, 91192, Gif-sur-Yvette, FRANCE
Phone Number: 
+33 (0) 1 69 85 14 67
Fax Number: 
+33 (0) 1 69 85 14 59
loig (dot) godard (at) supelec (dot) fr

Loïg Godard entered the University of Rennes 1 (France) in 2003 where he received his M.Sc. (DESS and DEA) and Ph.D. degrees respectively. His research topic, from 2005 to 2008 at SUPELEC in SCEE team, was about managing reconfiguration in radio equipment devices in a cognitive radio context. Currently he is an associate researcher at CENTRALE-SUPELEC at the Large Networks and Systems Group (LANEAS). His current research interest is to develop SDR4All radio card.

Research Topics: 
  • Flexible radio
  • FPGA design


  • Loïg Godard, Christophe Moy, Jacques Palicot, "An Executable Metamodel of a Hierarchical and Distributed Architecture Management of Cognitive Radio Equipments". Annales des telecommunications-annals of telecommunications Vol. 64, N°7-8 (2009) 26 pages

International Conferences

  • Azarian, S., L. Godard, and M. Debbah, "Cloud based spectrum sensing system", 1st IEEE International Workshop on Cognitive Cellular Systems, Rhine River, Germany, 2014. 
  • Loïg Godard, Christophe Moy, Jacques Palicot, “A simulator for the design of the management architecture of cognitive radio equipments", 5th KarlsruheWorkshop on Software Radios, WSR’08, Karlsruhe, Germany, March 2008
  • Loïg Godard, HongzhiWang, Christophe Moy, Pierre Leray, “Common Operators Design on Dynamically Reconfigurable Hardware for SDR Systems", SDR Forum Technical Conference, Denver, USA, 5-9 novembre 2007
  • Jean-Philippe Delahaye, Pierre Leray, Loïg Godard, Amor Nafkha, Christophe Moy, “Designing a Reconfigurable Processing Datapath for SDR Over Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Platforms", SDR Forum Technical Conference, Denver, USA, 5-9 novembre 2007
  • Loïg Godard, Christophe Moy, Jacques Palicot, “From a Configuration Management to a Cognitive Radio Management of SDR Systems" CrownCom’06, 8-10 June 2006, Mykonos, Greece, pp. 11-15 (first Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and COMmunications)
  • Salim Ouadjaout, Dominique Houzet, Loïg Godard, “Embedded Hardware/Software Generation From High Level Design Languages" IEEE-ICSIT’05 19-21 juillet 2055 Alger

National Conferences

  • Loïg Godard, “Architecture Hiérarchique Distribuée adaptée à la Cognitive Radio", JNRDM 2008, Bordeaux, France
  • Loïg Godard, “Méthodologie de conception pour système de radio communication intelligent”, JNRDM 2007, Lille, France
  • Loïg Godard, “Gestionnaire de reconfiguration intelligent pour la cognitive radio”, JNRDM 2006, Rennes France

Talks & Workshops

  • Loïg Godard, Christophe Moy, “A Simulator for cognitive radio equipments”, Kermeta Days 07,décembre 2007 Rennes France
  • Loïg Godard, “Concept de design appliqué au domaine de la flexible radio dans le cadre du Réseau d’Excellence NEWCOM", Séminaire SCEE, Juin 2007, Rennes France

Technical Reports

  • Loïg Godard, “Report on HW/SW architecture of the Flexible Digital Platform" dans le cadre de NEWCOM.


  • Loïg Godard, "Flexible MPSoC Radio Design by Programmable Hardware Abstraction and Configuration Management", Institutions : Supélec, Politecnic University of Catalunya, Technical University of Aachen, NEWCOM DISSEMINATION DAY - 15 February 2007, Paris France