Asymptotic Analysis of Downlink MISO Systems over Rician Fading Channels

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Conference Paper


41st IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP, 2016 ), Shanghai, China (2016)


In this work, we focus on the ergodic sum rate in the downlink of a single-cell large-scale multi-userMIMO systemin which the base station employs N antennas to communicate with K single-antenna user equipments. A regularized zero-forcing (RZF) scheme is used for precoding under the assumption that each link forms a spatially correlated MIMO Rician fading channel. The analysis is conducted assuming N and K grow large with a non trivial ratio and perfect channel state information is available at the base station. Recent results from random matrix theory and large system analysis are used to compute an asymptotic expression of the signal-to-interferenceplus- noise ratio as a function of the system parameters, the spatial correlation matrix and the Rician factor. Numerical results are used to evaluate the performance gap in the finite system regime under different operating conditions.

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