Asymptotic Capacity of Multi-User MIMO Communications

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Conference Paper


IEEE Information Theory Workshop, Sicily, Italy (2009)


This paper introduces two new formulas to derive explicit capacity expressions of a class of communication schemes, which include single-cell multi-user MIMO and singleuser MIMO with multi-cell interference. The extension of a classical theorem from Silverstein allows us to assume a channel Kronecker model between the base stations and the cellular terminals, provided that they all embed a large number of antennas. As an introductory example, we study the singleuser MIMO setting with multi-cell interference, in the downlink. We provide new asymptotic capacity formulas when single-user decoding of the incoming data or MMSE decoding are used. Simulations are shown to corroborate the theoretical claims, even when the number of transmit/receive antennas is not very large.

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