Comparison of Linear Precoding Schemes for the Massive MIMO Downlink

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


ICC, Ottawa, Canada (2012)


We consider the downlink of a time-division duplexing (TDD) multicell multiuser MIMO system where the base stations (BSs) are equipped with a very large number of antennas. Assuming channel estimation through uplink pilots, arbitrary antenna correlation and user distributions, we derive approximations of achievable rates with linear precoding techniques, namely eigenbeamforming (BF) and regularized zero-forcing (RZF). The approximations are tight in the large system limit with an infinitely large number of antennas and user terminals (UTs), but match our simulations for realistic system dimensions. We further show that a simple RZF precoding scheme can achieve the same performance as BF with one order of magnitude fewer antennas in both uncorrelated and correlated fading channels.