CORASMA Program on Cognitive Radio for Tactical Networks: High Fidelity Simulator and First Results on Dynamic Frequency Allocation

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Military Communications Conference 2013, , San Diego, US (2013)


This paper reports some preliminary results of the “cognitive radio for dynamic spectrum management” (CORASMA) program that is dedicated to the evaluation of cognitive solutions for tactical wireless networks. It presents two main aspects of the program: the simulator and the the cognitive solutions proposed by the authors. The first part is
dedicated to the simulator.We explain the rationale used to design its architecture, and how this architecture allows to assess and compare different cognitive solutions in an operational context. The second part addresses the dynamic frequency allocation topic that is part of the cognitive solutions tackled in the program CORASMA. We first give an overview of the challenges attached to this problem in the military context and then we expose the technical solutions studied by the authors for this purpose. Finally, we present some results obtained from the simulator as an illustration.