Crystallized Rate Regions for MIMO Transmission

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Journal Article


EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, Volume 2010, Article ID 919072, 17 pages (2010)


When considering the multiuser SISO interference channel, the allowable rate region is not convex and the maximization of the
aggregated rate of all the users by the means of transmission power control becomes inefficient. Hence, a concept of the crystallized
rate regions has been proposed, where the time-sharing approach is considered to maximize the sumrate.In this paper, we extend
the concept of crystallized rate regions from the simple SISO interference channel case to the MIMO/OFDM interference channel.
As a first step, we extend the time-sharing convex hull from the SISO to the MIMO channel case. We provide a non-cooperative
game-theoretical approach to study the achievable rate regions, and consider the Vickrey-Clarke-Groves (VCG)mechanism design
with a novel cost function.Within this analysis, we also investigate the case of OFDM channels, which can be treated as the special
case of MIMO channels when the channel transfer matrices are diagonal. In the second step, we adopt the concept of correlated
equilibrium into the case of two-user MIMO/OFDM, and we introduce a regret-matching learning algorithm for the system to
converge to the equilibrium state.Moreover, we formulate the linear programming problem to find the aggregated rate of all users
and solve it using the Simplex method. Finally, numerical results are provided to confirm our theoretical claims and show the
improvement provided by this approach.

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