Distributed power control over interference channels using ACK/NACK feedbacks

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Globecom, Austin, Texas (2014)


In this work, we consider a network composed of several single-antenna transmitter-receiver pairs in which each pair aims at selfishly minimizing the power required to achieve a given signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio. This is obtained modeling the transmitter-receiver pairs as rational agents that engage in a non-cooperative game. Capitalizing on the well-known results on the existence and structure of the generalized Nash equilibrium (GNE) point of the underlying game, a low complexity, iterative and distributed algorithm is derived to let each terminal reach the GNE using only a limited feedback in the form of link-layer acknowledgements (ACK) or negative acknowledgements (NACK). Numerical results are used to prove that the proposed solution is able to achieve convergence in a scalable and adaptive manner under different operating conditions.

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