Energy Efficiency and Sum Rate when Massive MIMO meets Device-to-Device Communication

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Conference Paper


ICC, London, UK (2015)


This paper considers a scenario of short-range communication, known as device-to-device (D2D) communication, where D2D users reuse the downlink resources of a cellular network to transmit directly to their corresponding receivers. In addition, multiple antennas at the base station (BS) are used in order to simultaneously support multiple cellular users using
multiuser or massive MIMO. The network model considers a fixed number of cellular users and that D2D users are distributed according to a homogeneous Poisson point process (PPP). Two metrics are studied, namely, average sum rate (ASR) and energy efficiency (EE). We derive tractable expressions and study the tradeoffs between the ASR and EE as functions of the number of BS antennas and density of D2D users for a given coverage area.

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