On The Fluctuations of The SINR at the Wiener Filter Output for Non Centered Channels: The non Gaussian Case

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Conference Paper


ICASSP, Kyoto, Japan (2012)


In the context of multidimensional signals, the linear Wiener receiver is frequently encountered in wireless communication and in array processing; it is in fact the linear receiver that achieves the lowest level of interference. In this contribution, we focus on the study of the associated Signal-to-interference plus noise ratio (SINR) at its output in the context of Ricean multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels. The case of Ricean channels, which induces non-centered random variables, can be encountered in several practical environments and has not been studied so far, as it raises substantial technical issues. With the help of large random matrix theory, which has shown to be fruitful to successfully address several problems in wireless communications, we study the behaviour of the SINR, together with its fluctuations via a central limit theorem. As realistic models also involve non-Gaussian random variables, we relax the Gaussian assumption. This results in an extra term involving the fourth cumulant in the expression of the variance.

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