Interference Analysis for Spatial Reused Cooperative Multihop Wireless Networks

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Conference Paper


International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC), London, UK (2013)


We consider a decode-and-forward based wireless multihop network with a single source node, a single destination node, and N intermediate nodes. To increase the spectral efficiency and energy efficiency of the system, we propose a cooperative multihop communication with spatial reuse, in which interference is treated as noise. The performance of spatial-reused space-time coded cooperative multihop network is analyzed over Rayleigh fading channels. More specifically, the exact closedform expression for the outage probability at the nth receiving node is derived when there are multiple interferences over noni. i.d. Rayleigh fading channels. Moreover, in high SNR scenario, closed-form asymptotic formulas for the outage probability are derived, from which, we show that the full-spatial diversity is still achievable given interferences from the transmission of
concurrent packets. In addition, we propose a simple power control scheme which is only dependent on the statistical knowledge of channels. Finally, the analytic results were confirmed by simulations. It is shown by simulations that the spatialreused multihop transmission outperforms the interference-free multihop transmission in terms of energy efficiency in low and medium SNR scenarios.

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