Joint Channel and Power Allocation in Tactical Cognitive Networks: Enhanced Trial and Error

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Military Communications and Information Systems Conference (2013), IEEE, Saint-Malo, France (2013)


—In tactical networks the presence of a central
controller (e.g., a base station) is made impractical by the
unpredictability of the nodes’ positions and by the fact that its
presence can be exploited by hostile entities. As a consequence,
self-configuring networks are sought for military and emergency
communication networks. In such networks, the transmission
parameters, most notably the transmission channel and the power
level, are set by the devices following specific behavioural rules. In
this context, an algorithm for self-configuring wireless networks
is presented, analysed and enhanced to meet the specific needs
of tactical networks. Such an algorithm, based on the concept
of trial and error, is tested under static and mobile situations,
and different metrics are considered to show its performance.
In particular, the stability and performance improvements with
respect to previously proposed versions of the algorithm are