Leveraging Big Data Analytics for Cache-Enabled Wireless Networks

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) Workshop, San Diego, CA, USA (2015)


While $5G$ wireless networks are expected to handle the ever growing data avalanche, classical deployment/optimization approaches such as hyper-dense deployment of base stations or having more bandwidth are cost-inefficient, and are therefore seen as stopgaps. In this regard, context-aware approaches which exploits human predictability, recent advances in storage, edge/cloud computing and big data analytics are needed. In this article, we approach this problem from a proactive caching perspective where gains of cache-enabled base stations in $5G$ wireless are studied. In particular, huge amount of real data from a telecom operator in Turkey is collected/processed on a big data platform, and an analysis is carried out for content popularity estimation for caching, aiming to improve users' experience in terms of request satisfactions and offloading the backhaul. Subsequently, with this mobile traffic data collected from many base stations within several hours of time interval and the estimation of content popularity via machine learning tools, we investigate the gains of proactive caching via numerical simulations. The results show that proactive caching fulfils $100\%$ of user request satisfaction and offloads $98\%$ of the backhaul, in a setting of $16$ base stations with $15.4$ Gbyte of storage size ($87\%$ of the total catalog size) and $10\%$ of content ratings.