A Multi-Game Framework for Harmonized LTE-U and WiFi Coexistence over Unlicensed Bands

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Journal Article


IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, Volume 23, Issue 6, Number 62 - 69 (2016)


The introduction of LTE over unlicensed bands (LTE-U) will enable LTE base stations (BSs) to boost their capacity and offload their traffic by exploiting the underused unlicensed bands. However, to reap the benefits of LTE-U, it is necessary to address various new challenges associated with LTE-U and WiFi coexistence. In particular, new resource management techniques must be developed to optimize the usage of the network resources while handling the interdependence between WiFi and LTE users and ensuring that WiFi users are not jeopardized. To this end, in this paper, a new game theoretic tool, dubbed as multi-game framework is proposed as a promising approach for modeling resource allocation problems in LTE-U. In such a framework, multiple, co-existing and coupled games across heterogeneous channels can be formulated to capture the specific characteristics of LTE-U. Such games can be of different properties and types but their outcomes are largely interdependent. After introducing the basics of the multi-game framework, two classes of algorithms are outlined to achieve the new solution concepts of multi-games. Simulation results are then conducted to show how such a multi-game can effectively capture the specific properties of LTE-U and make of it a “friendly” neighbor to WiFi.

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