Performance of mutual information inference methods under unknown interference

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Journal Article


IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Volume 59, Issue 2, p.1129-1148 (2013)


In this paper, the problem of fast point-to-point MIMO channel mutual information estimation is addressed, in the situation where the receiver undergoes unknown colored interference, whereas the channel with the transmitter is perfectly known. The considered scenario assumes that the estimation is based on a few channel use observations during a short sensing period. Using large dimensional random matrix theory, an estimator referred to as G-estimator is derived. This estimator is proved to be consistent as the number of antennas and observations grow large and its asymptotic performance is analyzed. In particular, the G-estimator satisfies a central limit theorem with asymptotic Gaussian fluctuations. Simulations are provided which strongly support the theoretical results, even for small system dimensions.

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