Queueing Stability and CSI Probing of a TDD Wireless Network with Interference Alignment

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Conference Paper


IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), Hong Kong (2015)


This paper characterizes the performance of IA technique taking into account the dynamic traffic pattern and the probing/feedback cost. We consider a TDD system where transmitters acquire their CSI (Channel State Information) by decoding the pilot sequences sent by the receivers. Since global CSI knowledge is required for IA, the transmitters have also to exchange their estimated CSIs over a backhaul of limited capacity. Under this setting, we characterize in this paper the stability region of the system and provide a probing algorithm that achieves the max stability region. In addition, we compare the stability region of IA to the one achieved by a TDMA system where each transmitter applies a simple ZF (Zero Forcing technique).

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