Secrecy Sum-Rates with Regularized Channel Inversion Precoding Under Imperfect CSI at the Transmitter

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


ICASSP, Vancouver, Canada (2013)


In this paper, we study the performance of regularized channel inversion precoding in MISO broadcast channels with confi- dential messages under imperfect channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT). We obtain an approximation for the achievable secrecy sum-rate which is almost surely exact as the number of transmit antennas and the number of users grow to infinity in a fixed ratio. Simulations prove this anayl- sis accurate even for finite-size systems. For FDD systems, we determine how the CSIT error must scale with the SNR, and we derive the number of feedback bits required to ensure a constant high-SNR rate gap to the case with perfect CSIT. For TDD systems, we study the optimum amount of channel training that maximizes the high-SNR secrecy sum-rate.