Secure Satellite-Terrestrial Transmission Over Incumbent Terrestrial Networks via Cooperative Beamforming

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Journal Article


IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications (2018)


In this paper, we consider a scenario where the satellite-terrestrial network is overlaid over the legacy cellular network. The established communication system is operated in the millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies, which enables the massive antennas arrays to be equipped on the satellite and terrestrial base stations (BSs). The secure communication in this coexistence system of the satellite-terrestrial network and cellular network through the physical layer security techniques is studied in this work. To maximize the achievable secrecy rate of the eavesdropped fixed satellite service (FSS), we design a cooperative secure transmission beamforming scheme, which is realized through the satellite’s adaptive beamforming, AN and BSs’ cooperative beamforming implemented by terrestrial BSs. A non-cooperative beamforming scheme is also designed, according to which BSs implement the maximum ratio transmission (MRT) beamforming strategy. Applying the designed secure beamforming schemes to the coexistence system established, we formulate the secrecy rate maximization problems subjected to the power and transmission quality constraints. To solve the nonconvex optimization problems, we design an approximation and iteration based genetic algorithm, through which the original problems can be transformed into a series of convex quadratic problems. Simulation results show the impact of massive antenna arrays at the mmWave on improving the secure communication. Our results also indicate that through the cooperative and adaptive beamforming, the secrecy rate can be greatly increased. In addition, the convergence and efficiency of the proposed iteration based approximation algorithm are verified by the simulations.

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