Self-Organized Spectrum Sharing in Large MIMO Multiple-Access Channels

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Conference Paper


IEEE International Sysmposium on Information Theory (ISIT 2010), Austin,Texas (2010)


In this paper, a deterministic approximation for the rate region of multiple access channels is provided when base station and users have a large number of antennas, and when the transmission bandwidth is divided into several independent subbands. An explicit formulation is also given to the transmit covariance matrices, at each frequency, that reach the boundary of the rate region. From the compact expression of these matrices, suboptimal iterative algorithms emerge that allow the multiple access users to derive autonomously the transmit covariance matrices. This comes at the sole expense of a short signalling overhead, which is constant irrespectively of the number of antennas. Simulations confirm the validity of the theoretical derivations and suggest rather good behaviour obtained by the suboptimal self-organization algorithms.

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