Vandermonde-Subspace Frequency Division Multiplexing Receiver Analysis

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Conference Paper


PIMRC, Istanbul, Turkey (2010)


Vandermonde-subspace frequency division multiplexing (VFDM) is a technique for interference cancellation in overlay networks that allows a secondary network to operate simultaneously with a primary network, on the same frequency band. VFDM can be applied to block transmission systems with a guard time (or cyclic prefix) over frequency selective channels. It achieves zero interference towards the primary system by employing a special precoder that aligns the data to the null space of the interfering channel from the secondary to the primary system. In this work, we extend the assessment of VFDM by analyzing the bit error rate and sum rate capacity of practical linear receiver structures for the VFDM-based secondary system. The study realized herein serves as a basis for the implementation of a VFDM prototype system on a real transmission testbed.

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