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    Bennis, M., and S M. Perlaza, "Decentralized Cross-Tier Interference Mitigation in Cognitive Femtocell Networks", IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Kyoto, Japan, 2011.
    Perlaza, S M., S. Lasaulce, H. Tembine, and M. Debbah, "Learning to Use the Spectrum in Self-Configuring Heterogenous Networks: A Logit Equilibrium Approach", Proc. of the 4th International ICST Workshop on Game Theory in Communication Networks (GAMECOMM), Paris, France, 05/2011.
    Perlaza, S M., and M. Debbah, "Modeling Noisy Feedback in Decentralized Self-Configuring Networks", Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California, USA, 2011.
    Rose, L., S M. Perlaza, and M. Debbah, "On the Nash Equilibria in Decentralized Parallel Interference Channels", ICC 2011 Workshop S1, Game Theory and Resource Allocation for 4G, Kyoto, Japan, 2011.
    Perlaza, S M., H. Tembine, S. Lasaulce, and V. Quintero-Florez, "On the Fictitious Play and Channel Selection Games", IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications (LATINCOM), Bogotá, Colombia, 2010.
    Perlaza, S M., H. Tembine, and S. Lasaulce, "How can Ignorant but Patient Cognitive Terminals Learn Their Strategy and Utility?", IEEE Intl. Workshop on Signal Processing Advances for Wireless Communications (SPAWC), Marrakesh, Morroco, 2010.
    Perlaza, S M., H. Tembine, S. Lasaulce, and M. Debbah, "Satisfaction Equilibrium: A General Framework for QoS Provisioning in Self-Configuring Networks", IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), Miami, USA, 2010.